To discuss arrangements for staying at the house, please call ani Tenzin Lhamo at 202-518-1221, or email her at

Compassion Buddha Retreat House

Relax your mind.
Open your heart.
Heal your body.

In Compassion Buddha Retreat House, an honor system, self-care residence, guests are respectfully requested to abide by the following: 

  • All guests agree to observe the basic 5 precepts of virtuous conduct while living at Compassion Buddha Retreat House; these include no killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct, or intoxicants.
  • People of all lineages are welcome; all guests are requested to honor the advice of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, related to kindness, virtue and to avoid practices he has identified as harmful.
  • The minimum stay is 5 days, unless other arrangements have been made with Tenzin Lhamo.
  • Stays are self-care; guests will provide their own food, transportation, and housekeeping, during their stay.

Based on four years of experience so far, here is information about the house, as well as some guidelines for guests. Please familiarize yourself with these; it is greatly appreciated if you observe them during your stay.

The house has a fully equipped kitchen for your use. It would be a kindness to other guests if you replace supplies you use up (such as salt, tissues, etc), and also, please let me know if you break anything, so we can plan to replace it.

Food can be sealed tightly in containers and left in the fridge and cupboards to be used by the next guests. If anything will spoil, though, please throw it away before you leave.  Also, every food container must really be sealed tightly, due to the large population of mice in houses in Crestone. There are many glass and plastic storage containers , in the cupboards for you to use.

On the second floor, there is a washer and dryer for you, as well as an outside balcony with racks for air-drying. Again, replacing any supplies you use up would be so helpful.

On the first floor, you will find a linen/storage room, with sheets, towels and blankets. Please close the plastic bins tightly, so the mice do not next amongst the clean linens.

There are three bathrooms, two with a shower each, and one with a tub.

Please do not move the furniture and/or carpets from one room to another. If you have to  move things in your room a bit, please try to put them back to the original placement for the next guest.

There are two folders with information about appliances, etc, for your use. One is on the hallway table, and the other is in the kitchen.

If you build a fire in the woodstove, please wait until the ashes/coals are thoroughly cold and dead before emptying the ash bucket outside. When doing so, please empty it far from anything flammable.  Coals have been dumped right next to the front porch and/or trees, and that is truly dangerous.

Each door has a lockbox near it, with a key to use for entry and exit. Individual keys are not provided. If you have items which you want to secure beyond this level, please take them with you or leave them in your car.

Isaline is available for cleaning the house, changing the bed linens, etc, before you arrive and after you leave, for a very reasonable fee. Please tell Tenzin Lhamo if you want to make arrangements for that.